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A reusable bag... er... blog of stuff.

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Yep, this is my little slice of the net, hopefully some of the information here is as useful for you as it has been for me.

(please don't ask what that creature is, I have no idea, just something that the AI spat out)



CARA West 2023

Given the option, I present at the Canadian Association of Research Administrators (CARA) National and CARA West conferences each year. This year I have been fortunate enough to have been granted enough time for a double session at their CARA West conference.


Nextcloud 27.1.3 on Ubuntu 22.04

I've been running Nextcloud at home for almost a decade now. It's been invaluable and I don't really think we could easily live without it at this point. The time had come to migrate from my fairly old server to a new one backed by our internal network storage. Here's the story (complete with gotchas & tweaks) that got it running under Ubuntu 22.04.


Mozilla Observatory

Since it has been a few years since I needed to set up a new web site, I haven't been to the Observatory for a while. For those that don't know, it's an excellent way to check your web site against modern standards for configuration. I'm glad to see Mozilla still has it up and running and (at the time of writing) is planning a new version!

To use it, simple visit: 

Edit the URL to add the site you wish to analyze eg:


Installing Greenbone Vulnerability Manager on Ubuntu 22.04

... let's drop a green monster into the mix.

Years ago I ran OpenVAS on my home network as a vulnerability scanner. It was great but updates were challenging and once my old VM host started to show it's age I turned down that VM. With all the other new updates I have been implementing, it was time to get scanning again.


Adventures in Drupal Theme Manipulation

After quite a hunt, we managed to find a fairly clean, responsive theme, that actually works. Granted that doesn't sound like it should be a difficult thing, but trust me.,, it is!

Many themes were not as advertised, not as pictured, or just didn't work at all. In the end a GPL based theme (thank you University of Indiana!) just needed some modifications to work. We also adjusted the theme to host CSS, JS, and fonts locally rather than pulling from their repository (not sure that was their intent, but they published it that way) 


So you want to make a Drupal Blog

.... may god have mercy on your soul!

(see update at the end)

I truly expected it would be easy to create a blog in the standard format with articles, tagged, to display in sections... and it was. I truly thought it would be easy to create a section page for each that had a header with some custom content to introduce that section... This was like pulling teeth!


Drupal - a start

So it's been many years since I published on the web. After writing my own CMS system back before anything of the kind was available (my first web site went live in 1992, first commercial site in 1994), it was a big decision to switch over to one of the "once" competitors. Here is why...