CARA West 2023

Given the option, I present at the Canadian Association of Research Administrators (CARA) National and CARA West conferences each year. This year I have been fortunate enough to have been granted enough time for a double session at their CARA West conference.

Like many who present frequently, I tend to take existing material from previous presentations to use as a foundation for a new session. Typically along with an update, that may be minor or significant depending on the nature of the material. I'm excited that this is not going to be one of those times (well, not entierly anyway)...

I've taken this opportunity to compile, from scratch, a completely new set of resources providing general tips and tricks related to computers, IT, and security. Essentially it's a collection of the "best of" that I have learned over the years (I started playing with computers in the late 1970's). I have wanted to do this for a while and I'm happy to finally have a good excuse to pull it together.

Here is the full slide-deck:  Cara-West-202311-Tips.pdf

...but I'll share a few highlights:

  • Why not to disable CapsLock
  • How Restart and Shut-down+PowerOn probably function the opposite to how you think
  • What is "Copy as Path" and how it can save you loads of time
  • How USB-C and Toothpicks are related

... and other similar revelations!

The second part of the presentation will focus on AI (ML really) and an existing trove of cybersecurity tips that I have been maintaining for several years.

If you ended up here after attending the presentation, I hope you enjoyed it (and most important, found it useful) 

A Heathkit H88 computer circa 1979